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Telegram Trading Bot

The platform provides telegram bot for users and merchants, it can be used as account management and trading.

Quick overview

Official telegram bot demo link:

Merchant custom bot demo link:


Free to use

There is no charge for this tool.


Merchants can obtain the telegram quick entry link in Control -> Merchant Center. Users can only use this link to access the projects and products published by the merchant.

Visitor friendly

Visitors who are not logged in can still use the trading function of this tool.

Transparent authorization

Obtain the verification code through the robot to complete the account binding, without the need for mobile phone number verification.


No user privacy data is retained throughout the process, order data is deleted regularly within 30 days, and users can manually clear recently visited merchants.


Each merchant has an independent entrance link and does not interfere with each other.

Multi-language support

Languages can be switched flexibly, and we will customize and add languages that are not currently supported for free.

Bot type

We provide two telegram bot types, namely the official trading robot provided by the platform and the custom bot provided by the merchants themselves.

The core functions of the two bots are the same and they can complete trading functions, but there are the following differences:

Official robotCustom robot
FeeFree to use foreverPaid Use
Appearance displayThe bot avatar and introduction information are set by the platform and cannot be modifiedMerchants can modify the robot avatar and introduction information by themselves
Merchant entranceUsers need to use the entrance link shared by the merchant to enter the merchant's storeAfter entering the robot, users can click Shop to directly access the merchant's projects
Other requirementsNoneMerchants need to provide their own telegram bot token. By opening telegram @BotFather and sending the /newbot command, you can get a free token

Merchant usage steps

1. Publish digital products

Before using the bot, merchants need to publish project so that users can make purchases in the bot.

Enter the console Merchant, click Create Project, and select Digital Product as product type.

Currently the telegram bot only supports digital product transactions, please refer to Publish Digital Products

2. Use platform bot

Enter the console Merchant -> Settings to get the telegram bot merchant entrance link.

telegram bot settings


We provide two types of links: fixed link and telegram internal link

The fixed link will redirect the telegram bot merchant entrance currently being used. This link will remain unchanged and can be used for external promotion.

telegra internal link is the domain link of telegram. It can seamlessly jump to the bot page in the telegram application. However, due to possible uncontrollable factors, this link sometimes changed.

Finally, send the bot link to the user to access and use it.

3. Custom bot

Open the telegram app, enter @BotFather in the contact search box. After finding the bot, open it, send the command /newbot to it, and enter the nickname and account id of the custom bot according to the prompts.


When setting the bot's account ID, it must end with _bot or Bot

After creating the robot, copy the returned token for configuration.

After submitting the token, your custom bot will take effect within 5 minutes. Before using the custom bot, you need to send the /start command to activate it.

Custom bot help reply

🔔 This step is not necessary

If you want users to return specified content when they click Help, you can achieve this by setting custom introduction content. For more flexibility, we support passing in formatted content in HTML format.


Hello, if you have any questions, please <a href="">click me</a>

Now, your custom bot can be used normally. At this time, just send the bot's username or short link to the user.


The platform reserves the right of final interpretation of this tool, please use this tool rationally.

Make things simple and timeproof.