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Common Problem

You can contact the staff directly through the customer service window for consultation, or you can communicate through email or telegram.

Merchants please join our telegram merchant group.

Data retention policy

All user business data is only retained for 30 days, after which it will be automatically and permanently deleted.

Account validity period

Accounts that have not been recharged will be automatically deleted if they are inactive for more than one month. Accounts that have been recharged will be automatically deleted if they have not been used for more than one year. Deleted accounts cannot be recovered and will not affect the re-registration of new accounts. Please plan your needs and use them as needed.

Can account Credits be withdrawn?

Credits are used to purchase related APIs. They are consumption items and cannot be withdrawn. The recharge ratio is 1 US dollar = 1 Credit. We strongly recommend recharging based on usage. It is recommended to purchase a small amount for testing first and make sure it meets your needs before using it with confidence.

Make things simple and timeproof.