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Publish Buymeabtc Project

This article introduces how to quickly list sponsored projects.

The platform demo project link:

Definition of Terms


Based on a slogan of buymeacoffee, through this product your audience can sponsor or support your project with cryptocurrency.


You can set a unique alias and use to access your project homepage, where SLUG is a custom setting field.


There are only three default amounts. The amount is that the merchant prefers to be sponsored. The unit is USD.

Setting Amounts



Due to the natural anonymity of cryptocurrency, the personal privacy of both parties can be protected from abuse.

No threshold for use

You can use web3 wallet to log in, without any usage threshold.

Multiple cryptocurrency support

Supports a variety of cryptocurrencies, including: BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, etc., and you can directly use USDT to withdraw money, which is convenient and fast.

Low cost

The cost is only 3% transaction withdrawal fee + gas fee.

Multi-language support

Supporting multi languages, it is very user-friendly for global users.

Publish Steps

1. Create Project

Enter the console Merchant, click Create Project, and select Buy Me A BTC as product type.

Create buymeabtc Project

After creation, click the project to enter the management page.

2. Fill in basic project info

Enter the project to complete the relevant configurations. You can upload your own project cover image, and click Save to take effect.

Buymeabtc Project Base Info

Config buymeabtc project

4. Publish

Go to the project's BaseInfo page and set the status to online to complete the online process. The platform will also automatically generate the project homepage based on the product configuration information.

Project Document Page


Since cryptocurrency cannot strictly limit the user's sponsorship amount, if the user's final transfer amount don't equal the selected amount, the actual transfer amount shall prevail.

If you want to pause accepting user sponsorships, you just need to set the project status to Offline.


The configuration will take effect immediately after modification, so please operate with caution, especially do not easily modify configurations such as Status, etc. that will affect current users.

Make things simple and timeproof.