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Provider cooperation

iDataRiver provides merchants with the ability to self-register without review and can be connected after registration.

All merchants who publish project are deemed to have agreed to the Service Provider Agreement of our platform, please read it carefully.

Merchants please join our telegram merchant group.


Free to use

We do not charge platform service fees (excluding the 3% withdrawal fee + the corresponding blockchain GasFee).

Withdrawal fees are the inherent cost of using blockchain digital currency delivery services

Privacy protection

We support one-click login with web3 wallet, do not retain any user's private information, we use digital currency for withdrawals.

Supported networks: TRC20, BEP20, and ERC20. GasFee varies between different networks.

Quick cash out

There is no settlement period, and users can apply for withdrawal at any time, and the withdrawal will automatically arrive within one working day.

Flexible pricing

Merchants can set different pricing strategies and charge flexibly.

Custom access permissions

Merchants can control different levels of access, such as defining whether a project or product is public. For private projects, access can be activated after activation through a redemption code.

Auto generate documents & SEO optimization

While the project published, documents will be auto generated based on the project configuration, and it will support international multi-language and be SEO-friendly, let more users to discover your project.


Currently supported project types

  • API
  • Digital Product
  • Buy Me a BTC

More project types are being developed...

Publish project

  1. Log in to the console and enter the Merchant page

Merchant Center

  1. Click to create project
  2. Configure the project (including basic project info, endpoints, pricing plan, etc.)
  3. Click to publish
  4. Configure merchant information

You can fill in information such as withdrawal wallet and contact information in the merchant settings.

Share your project link with customers

Enter the settings page of the merchant center. There are two links at the bottom, which are the promotion link for the web and the bot link for telegram. You can send it to customers.

Merchant Settings


  • Merchants can create up to 20 projects
  • Pricing plans for every project up to 20
  • The maximum number of products for every project is 20
  • A pricing plan should be configured before the project published. It is recommended to always keep a global pricing plan.
  • Only one global pricing plan can take effect, and the same product can only have one specified pricing plan. If global pricing exists at the same time, the specified pricing plan will prevail.
  • For online projects with problems, they will not be displayed in the mall (for example, there are no available products, no pricing plan, and virtual products do not have trial products below 1 USD), but they can still be accessed through shared links.
  • The contact information set in the merchant settings is visible to users so that they can communicate in a timely manner if there have any questions.
  • Withdrawal history will display latest 10 records at most. There can be at most one withdrawal operation at the same time.


In principle, we will retain flexibility as much as possible, but in some scenarios being too flexible is not a good choice. Any modifications to the projects will directly affect the users currently using them, but we still leave this decision-making power to Leave it to the merchants to decide, as merchants have the right to decide on their own projects.

Make things simple and timeproof.